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Brittle Fracture Group

Headprof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
E-mail [javascript protected email address]
Phone number+420 532 290 342

Arising from the extensive long-term experiences and previous fruitful and internationally acknowledged activity in this field the group investigates the problems associated with strength and fracture behaviour of engineering materials leading to explanation of physical nature of phenomena observed. Major attention is given to quantitative assessment and predictions of microstructure - property relationships in both the structural steels and the advanced materials. For the recent research activity of the group having theoretical, computational and experimental nature the following main areas of interests are characteristic:

In the field of experimental fracture mechanics and brittle fracture of steels the study of phenomena is in focus of interests rather than particular steel itself:

  • Micromechanisms of brittle failures, relationships to microstructural parameters. Transition behaviour of fracture toughness characteristics, the temperature and strain rate effects.

  • Micromechanical aspects of brittle fracture initiation. Accurate characterisation of crack tip phenomena and their relations to macroscopic fracture characteristics, the crack tip constraint effects.

  • Local approach (deterministic, stochastic) in the assessment of brittle failures and fracture toughness prediction. Cleavage (critical) fracture stress, its physical nature and role.

  • Technological and operational degradation in low alloy (creep resistant) steels, microstructural and micromechanical properties controling the phenomenas.

  • Fracture behaviour and nature of toughness of heterogeneous martensite in low alloyed steels.

Fracture of advanced materials. New direction, currently based on grant projects, is focused on study of new types of advanced materials with an interdisciplinary approach. Materials and their fracture behaviour are supposed to be the preferred topics in this field:

  • Strain and fracture behaviour of an in situ composites. Low temperature toughness and fracture of duplex stainless steels, ageing and strain rate effects.

  • Brittleness and toughening mechanisms in ceramics. Development of advanced methods for fracture toughness determination for brittle materials.

  • The failure micromechanisms and fracture characteristics of glass ceramics reinforced by metal particles and/or SiC fibres.

Short video presentation "Future of glass-ceramic materials"


NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Ing. Luca Bertolla, Ph.D. +420 532 290 336 128b
Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D. +420 532 290 369 225
prof. Makoto Hasegawa (visiting scientist) +420 532 290 342 117
Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D. +420 532 290 335 128a
Ing. Luděk Stratil, Ph.D. +420 532 290 365 126
Dr. Ing. Filip Šiška, Ph.D. +420 532 290 365 126


NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Ing. Zdeněk Balík +420 532 290 314 5
Ing. Pavel Čupera +420 532 290 314 5
Ing. Vladislav Kozák, CSc. +420 532 290 364 109
Šárka Šmýdová +420 532 290 337 127
Bc. Radek Vácha +420 532 290 364 109

Phd students

NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Ing. Silviu Ivan +420 532 290
Ing. Zdeněk Machů +420 532 290 336 128b

Diploma students

NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Bc. David Novotný +420 532 290 365 126
Bc. Milan Rádsetoulal +420 532 290 365 126

Project numberNameInvestigator
20-20873S Development of High Temperature Liquid Metal Resistant ODS Steels for Fission/Fusion Application Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_025/0007304 Architectured materials designed for additive manufacturing (ArMAdit) Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
18-07140S Multiscale analysis of twin-microstructure interactions in HCP metals and alloys Dr. Ing. Filip Šiška, Ph.D.


Project numberNameInvestigator
17-23964S Dispersion strengthened high entropy alloys for extreme conditions Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
17-12546S Fundamental aspects of partial pyrolysis of hybrid composites with polysiloxane matrix precursors Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
17-13573S Architectured metallic materials designed for cold spray kinetization prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
17-08153S Novel material architectures for SMART piezoceramic electromechanical converters Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
MSM100411601 Transferability issues in ductile to brittle transition and ductile regime Ing. Luděk Stratil, Ph.D.
GrInHy - H2020 GrInHy: Green Industrial Hydrogen via reversible high-temperature electrolysis prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
CoACH - H2020 (MSCA-ITN) CoACH: Advanced glasses, Composites And Ceramics for High growth Industries (European training network - ETN) prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GJ15-21292Y Current perspectives of ferroelectric domain interfaces Dr. Ing. Filip Šiška, Ph.D.
GA14-11234S Experimental evaluation and computational modeling of ceramic foams response to mechanical loading prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GA14-25246S Advanced ODS steels for application in heavy metal melts Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
7AMB14SK154 Progressive soft magnetic materials based multicomponent alloys Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
7AMB14SK155 Study of mechanical and fracture properties of composites reinforced nanoceramic boron nitride nanotubes prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
WP12-MAT-01-ODSFS-01-01/IPP.CR/BS EFDA - Production and characterization of laboratory-scale batches of nano-structured ODSFS Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
263476 RoLiCer - Enhanced reliability and lifetime of ceramic components through multi-scale modelling of degradation and damage Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
FP7-PEOPLE-2010-ITN Glass and Ceramic Composites for High Technology Applications – Initial Training Networks prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GAP108/11/1644 Fracture mechanics characteristics of the interface of low toughness materials Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
GAP107/10/0361 Microstructural design of high toughness materials prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GAP108/10/0466 Fracture behaviour prediction based on quantification of local material response Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
EFDA Study of the micro-mechanisms of cleavage fracture of 14% Cr ODS ferritic steels Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
ME 10117 Development of new TiAl intermetallics with improved mechanical properties through the control of the microstructure of thermomechanical treatment prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
CZ.1.07/2.4.00/12.0030 Mechanical Engineering Cooperative Network prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
CZ.1.07/2.3.00/09.0228 Complex System for Attracting, Education and Continuing Involment of Talented Individuals to Research Centers of AS CR and FME BUT prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
M100410902 Fracture behaviour of ceramic-ceramic and metal-ceramic interface in laminate structures Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
GA101/09/1821 Mechanical and fracture properties of multilayered ceramic/ceramic and ceramic/metal materials with graded layers prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
CZ.1.05/2.1.00/01.0002 NETME centre - New Technologies for Engineering - Division of Advanced Metallic Materials (AMM) prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GD106/09/H035 Multiscale Design of Advanced Materials prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GA106/09/1101 Development of new matrix types based on pyrolysed resins for composites reinforced with ceramic fibres Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
GA101/08/1304 Simulation of the brittle damage and fracture of heteroneneous materials Ing. Vladislav Kozák, CSc.
EFDA Study of the micro-mechanisms of cleavage fracture of 14% Cr ODS Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
MEB060714 Influence of Contact Stresses on Results of the Ball on the Three Balls Test Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
GA106/08/1397 Effect of ultrafine particles dispersion on cleavage fracture of chromium steels Ing. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
IPP-CR UT7 DEGR Euratom prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GA106/07/0762 Structure, properties and metallurgy of near-gamma TiAl alloys prof. RNDr. Antonín Dlouhý, CSc.
GA106/06/0646 The micromechanics of self-affine fractal cracks in brittle materials prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GA106/06/0724 Micro-structurally induced shielding effects in toughening of ceramic matrix composites prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
ME854 (1016/2006-32) Synergetic effects of microstructure and testing conditions on ceramics fracture resistance assessment Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
AV0Z20410507 Physical properties of advanced materials in relation to their microstructure and processing doc. RNDr. Petr Lukáš, CSc., dr. h. c.
2005-23 Corrections of statistical size effects on fracture toughness characteristics of structural ceramics Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
GA106/05/0495 Impact response and dynamic failure of brittle materials prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GA101/05/0493 Damage prediction of structural materials using cohesive models Ing. Vladislav Kozák, CSc.
106/05/P119 Fracture toughness scatter in ceramics and brittle matrix composites at higher temperatures Ing. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
GD106/05/H008 Multiscale Design of Advanced Materials I prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
1QS200410502 Properties of engineering materials under development applicable in the near future in traffic, medicine and power generating industry prof. RNDr. Ludvík Kunz, CSc., dr. h. c.
IAA200410502 The scaling role of damage inhomogeneity in brittle failure prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
ME 491 Properties degradation in thermally loaded glass matrix composites prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GA106/02/0745 Bainitic cast steel for dynamically loaded components Ing. Vladislav Kozák, CSc.
GA101/02/0683 Crack/microcrack behaviour in selected brittle matrix composites prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GA106/01/0342 Physical metallurgy aspect of fatigue damage of engineering parts made from steels multiaxially stressed by cycling loading prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
IBS2041001 Degradation of properties and lifetime assessment of engineering materials under mechanical loading prof. RNDr. Ludvík Kunz, CSc., dr. h. c.
IAA2041003 Brittle fracture micromechanics and toughness scaling models prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GA101/00/0170 The transferability of fracture toughness characteristics from point a view of integrity of components with defects Ing. Vladislav Kozák, CSc.
IAC2041011 Statistical aspects of constraint at brittle fracture initiation prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
AV0Z2041904 Behavior and properties of metallic and non-metallic materials in relation to their structure, research on processes leading to degradation of material quality doc. RNDr. Petr Lukáš, CSc., dr. h. c.
ME 303 Fracture Resistance of Steels for Containers of Spent Nuclear Fuel prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
ME 312 Damage development in thermally shocked fibre reinforced borosilicate glass matrix composite prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GA106/98/0079 Physical metallurgy aspects of the intergranular fracture damage of the structural steels Ing. Vladislav Kozák, CSc.
OC 517.20 Micromechanical aspects of brittle fracture initiation with respect to impurity effects prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
IAA2041701 The role of local constraint and strain rate in failure micromechanisms of duplex steels prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
GV101/96/K264 Limit states of failure in advanced structural materials assessed by means of unconventional test methods prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.


Screw driven testing machine ZWICK Z50

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
A universal testing system predominately used for quasi-static tensile, compressive, bending experiments of polymers, metals, ceramic and their composites at wide range of temperatures.

Universal test system INSTRON 8862 with electromechanical actuator

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
A universal testing system predominately used for bending and compressive experiments of ceramic and ceramic composites at room temperatures.

High temperature impulse excitation technique IMCE HT1600

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
The system allows obtaining temperature dependence of the elastic properties of the material by non-destructive impulse excitation method.

High temperature test system

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
A test system is designed for testing at temperatures up to 1600°C. Tests of metals, ceramics and composites can be performed in vacuum or under a protective argon atmosphere.

Instrumented impact tester Zwick/Roell B5113.303 (50 J)

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
Load measurement, different instrumented and non-instrumented pendulums from 0.5J up to 50J, dynamic tensile test adaptor. The fracture process can be monitored by high speed camera Olympus i-SPEED 3 with extreme low light sensitivity and up to 150,000 fps recoding.

Olympus LEXT OLS3100 confocal microscope with AFM modul

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
Microscope for documentation of microstructure and fracture surfaces, 3D reconstruction of surfaces and their further geometrical analysis.

Micro-testing machine MTS Tytron 250

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
Load cell up to ± 250 N, loading speed up to 0.5 m/s. Fixtures for tensile and three or four point bend test.

Screw driven testing machine ZWICK Z2.5 equipped with micro hardness head ZHU0.2 with optics

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
Load cell of testing machine up to 2.5 kN. Micro hardness head equipped with instrumented Vickers, Knoop and universal micro-hardness test with load up to 200 N and position resolution 20 nm.

ESPI System Q-300 Dantec Dynamics

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
An Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) for high sensitive displacement and strain analysis.

INSTRON E3000 with linear motor technology

Contact person: doc. Ing. Pavel Hutař, Ph.D.
Electrodynamic testing instrument INSTRON with closed control loop for static or dynamic testing from very small to high frequencies (200 Hz and more). Maximal load is of ±3000 N for dynamic testing and ±2100 N for static testing. The system is equipped with temperature controlled chamber INSTRON 3119-605 with a temperature range from -100°C in LN2 atmosphere (-70 °C in CO2) to 350 °C and the internal dimensions of 485×240×230 mm.

Analytical balances DENVER Summit

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
The analytical balances Denver Summit are precious tool for weighting of small samples with the precision of 0.1 mg. The available density kit broadens their application to the density measurement.

Acoustic emission kit Dakel IPL

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
for 4 channels continuous recording of AE signal with measuring and analysing software.

Grindosonic aparature

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
Instrument for the non-destructive measurement of the elastic properties of materials.

Precise linear saw Buehler ISOMET 5000

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
The cutting machine allows precious sectioning of very hard materials using diamond blades of various dimensions.

Drop weight tester

Contact person: prof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
according to ASTM standards.


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