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Novel material architectures for SMART piezoceramic electromechanical converters

InvestigatorIng. Zdeněk Chlup, Ph.D.
Number of Project17-08153S
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2016-12-31 - 2019-12-30

The project is focused on a very hot topic of SMART materials and their architectures for energy conversion systems designed for conversion of mechanical to electrical energy using the piezoelectric effect. The aim of the project is to increase both reliability and efficiency of electromechanical conversion compared to standard concepts. The methodology of the project is based on a closed cycle, beginning with the design of suitable architecture through the preparation of materials up to verification of the entire system functionality. Application of residual stress into new multi-layer architecture is the key idea resulting from our long experience with ceramic composites. Optimal design of the individual layers of the proposed concept utilising the synergy effect of residual stress and piezoelectricity will be based on the results of numerical simulations supported by experiments. Utilisation of calculation results will simultaneously maximise the energy conversion efficiency and reliability of the system exposed to an external loading.


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