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Electrical and Magnetic Properties Group

HeadMgr. Martin Friák, Ph.D.
E-mail [javascript protected email address]
Phone number+420 532 290 400

The activities of the group are focused on:

  • theoretical studies of electronic and magnetic properties of disordered alloys, epitaxial multilayers, surfaces and interfaces as well as quantum-mechanical studies of extended defects in metallic materials

  • experimental investigations of relations among structure and magnetic, transport and mechanical properties in metallic materials

In the first topic the research encompasses several topical fields as e.g. surface magnetism, magnetic exchange coupling and spin-dependent transport in multilayered systems, magnetic properties of amorphous materials, solute segregation in bulk disordered alloys and at grain boundaries and computer simulations of atomic configurations of defects. Quantum-mechanical and quantum-statistical methods are applied to these problems, and most studies are performed from the first principles.

The second of the mentioned topics is based on broad experimental macroscopic and micro- scopic investigations of crystal structure in relation to electrical and magnetic properties, both integral and microscopic. Predominate amount of results has been obtained from applications of Mossbauer spectroscopy. Crystalline, microcrystalline, nanocrystalline and amorphous materials have been investigated. The main idea is to obtain a deeper understanding of relations between changes in crystalline structure in dependence on heat and mechanical treatment, and electrical and magnetic properties.

The most important projects in the group within last five years have been oriented on:

  • first-principles investigations of two-dimensional alloy magnetism and electron transport in magnetic multilayers

  • first-principles studies of theoretical strength, phase stability and magnetism in metals and intermetallics

  • atomistic studies of grain boundaries in metallic materials and development of relevant quantum-mechanical techniques

  • influence of method of preparation, heat and mechanical treatments on structure and properties of nanocrystalline materials

  • structure and properties of metallic and oxidic magnetic materials prepared by non- traditional technologies

  • role of defects in electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties of ordered intermetallic systems.

Special software CONFIT2000 for Mössbauer spectra treating has been created in the group.


NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Mgr. Lubomír Havlíček, Ph.D. +420 532 290 462426 [javascript protected email address]
RNDr. Naděžda Pizúrová, Ph.D. +420 532 290 447306 [javascript protected email address]
doc. RNDr. Martin Plesch, Ph.D. +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]
Ing. Pavla Roupcová, Ph.D. +420 532 290 446305 [javascript protected email address]
Ing. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc. +420 532 290 434315 [javascript protected email address]
Ing. Petr Šesták, Ph.D. +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]
Ing. Eva Švábenská, Ph.D. +420 532 290 436313 [javascript protected email address]
doc. RNDr. Ilja Turek, DrSc. +420 532 290 437311 [javascript protected email address]


NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Michal Radkovič +420 532 290 312120

Phd students

NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Mgr. Miroslav Golian +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]
Mgr. Ivana Miháliková +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]
Ing. Pavel Papež +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]
MSc. Aiswarya Vijayakumar Thelappurath +420 532 290 461427 [javascript protected email address]

Diploma students

NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Bc. Valentína Berecová +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]
Bc. Petr Čípek +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]
Bc. Michal Ďuriška +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]
Bc. Jan Michálek +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]
Filip Pomajbo +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]
Vojtěch Vašina +420 532 290 475401 [javascript protected email address]

Project numberNameInvestigator
23-04746S Theory of magnetic systems in electric and electromagnetic fieldsdoc. RNDr. Ilja Turek, DrSc.
22-05801S Causes and mechanisms of degradation of tin-based materials with a low content of alloying elementsMgr. Martin Friák, Ph.D.


Project numberNameInvestigator
21-31852J Vlastnosti nanoprášků připravených pulzním elektronovým svazkem při nízkém tlaku plynuRNDr. Naděžda Pizúrová, Ph.D.
20-16130S Multifunctional properties of powdered Ni-Mn-Sn intermetallicsMgr. Martin Friák, Ph.D.
8J19UA037 Non-Schmid behavior of dislocations in magnesium and its alloysMgr. Andrej Ostapovec, Ph.D.
19-23411S Interplay of plasticity and magnetism in alpha-iron and chromiumdoc. Ing. Roman Gröger, Ph.D.
CZ.02.1.01/0.0/17_048/0007399 New Composite Materials for Environmental Applications (NKMEA)
18-07172S Topical problems in theory of manipulation of spin polarization in bulk and layered systemsdoc. RNDr. Ilja Turek, DrSc.
8J18AT008 Theory-guided design of novel superlattice nanocompositesMgr. Martin Friák, Ph.D.
17-22139S Theory-guided design of novel Fe-Al-based superalloysMgr. Martin Friák, Ph.D.
16-24711S Structure and properties of selected nanocomposites
16-24402S Interaction of prismatic dislocation loops in alpha iron and tungstenMgr. Jan Fikar, Ph.D.
16-14599S Mechanisms of plastic deformation and twinning interfaces in hexagonal metalsMgr. Andrej Ostapovec, Ph.D.
16-13797S Origin and mechanism of anomalous slip in non-magnetic bcc metalsdoc. Ing. Roman Gröger, Ph.D.
15-13436S Relativistic effects in the response of spin-polarized electrons to external fieldsdoc. RNDr. Ilja Turek, DrSc.
TE02000232 Special rotary machine engineering centreIng. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
M100411202 Theoretical and experimental investigation of strength of transition-metal disilicides
7AMB12SK009 Microstructure of Fe-Al based alloys
GAP108-12-0311 Strength, embrittlement and magnetism of clean and impurity-segregated grain boundaries in metallic materials
OC10008 Strength and magnetism of composites
P204/11/1228 Theory of spin-dependent transport in magnetic solids and nanostructuresdoc. RNDr. Ilja Turek, DrSc.
P108/11/1350 Effects of cores and boundaries of nanograins on the structural and physical properties of ball milled and mechanically alloyed iron-based materials
P204/10/0255 Calculation of the Peierls barrier in bcc metals and its dependence on stressdoc. Ing. Roman Gröger, Ph.D.
Marie-Curie International Reintegration Grant (IRG), No. 247705 “MesoPhysDef” Mesoscopic framework for modeling physical processes in multiphase materials with defectsdoc. Ing. Roman Gröger, Ph.D.
OC09011 Multiscale modelling of structure and properties of nanowires
IAA100100920 Theoretical and experimental study of interfaces and martensitic phase transitions
106/08/1440 Iron and iron oxide nanoparticles with applications in the magnetic separation processesIng. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
A100100616 Electronic structure and physical properties of materials for nanoelectronicsdoc. RNDr. Ilja Turek, DrSc.
VC 1M 0512 Research center of powdered nanomaterialsIng. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
202/05/2111 Structure and magnetic properties of amorphous and nanocrystalline Fe(Ni)MoCuB based alloys
202/04/0583 Ab initio theory of magnetic semiconductorsdoc. RNDr. Ilja Turek, DrSc.
A1041404 Atomic ordering at surfaces and interfaces of alloys of 3d metalsIng. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
202/04/0221 Structure, electrical and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline materials composed of carbon and 3d transition metalsIng. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
OC 526.40, 1P04OC 526.40 Optimization of heat treatment of magnetic materials applying the thermomagnetic curves data
S2041105 Surfaces and interfaces in structural materials - applications of modern technologies and computer modellingIng. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.


Software CONFIT2000 version 4.12.39 (new): Mössbauer spectra fitting

Contact person:
This application allows a complex treatment of Mössbauer spectra starting from a setting of the background and of the individual components according to the selected model by the mouse drag-and-drop technique. It is designed for the spectroscopy of 57Fe and 119Sn isotopes with nuclear spin values of 1/2 and 3/2. An original method has been applied combining a non-linear least-squares procedure with the Fast Fourier Transform technique. An improved matrix formalism allows one to construct nearly all imaginable physical models of Mössbauer spectra supported by a computer-aided matrix model design. It is possible to introduce not only hyperfine magnetic field distributions, but now also doublets quadrupole splitting distribution with a Gaussian profile. In the connection with the distribution it is always supposed that the quadrupole interaction is much weaker than the magnetic one. When the final thickness of the sample has to be considered, the transmission integral calculation can be established. A special parameter can be introduced that characterises the increase in the width of all spectra lines in dependence on their distance from the spectrum middle (on the absolute velocity). The fitted spectra can be taken in the transmission or back-scattering (conversion electrons) geometry. The fitting process is very fast also for complicated spectra.

Quantum-mechanical (ab-initio or first-principles) methods

Contact person: Mgr. Martin Friák, Ph.D.
for electronic structure calculations

Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry (GD-OES) - GD-PROFILER 2 by HORIBA Jobin Yvon

Contact person: Ing. Eva Švábenská, Ph.D.
RF Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry (RF-GD-OES) can provide both the surface and bulk composition to all elements for almost all solid materials, including metals, metal coatings, semiconductors, polymer coatings, glass, ceramics, etc.

X-ray powder diffractometer – Empyrean

Contact person: Ing. Pavla Roupcová, Ph.D.
X-ray powder diffractometer Empyrean (PanAnalytical) with Bragg-Brentano and parallel beam geometry.

Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS©) 9T

Contact person: Ing. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
EverCool II (2 - 400 K; 0 - 9 T)

VSM magnetometers

Contact person:
5 – 1073 K

Planetary Micro Mill PULVERISETTE 7 premium line

Contact person:
● optimal for hard, medium-hard, and britttle materials; ● 2 milling positions; ● grinding size of the bowl 80 ml; ● sample quantity 20 ml (min), 70 ml (max); ● material of grinding tools: tempered steel, stainless steel, zirconium oxide; ● dry/wet grinding process; ● milling in inert atmosphere; ● 100 up to 1100 rpm rotational speed

Mössbauer spectrometers

Contact person: Ing. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
5 – 1300 K

Furnaces for heat treatment of materials

Contact person: Ing. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
Oil free vacuum or gas atmosphere, up to 1300 K

Remagraph-Remacomp Combination C710

Contact person: Ing. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
at room temperature

Spark erosion system for material synthesis

Contact person: Ing. Oldřich Schneeweiss, DrSc.
Powder production

Equipments for measurements of electrical resistivity

Contact person: Ing. Pavla Roupcová, Ph.D.
300 – 1000 K

Equipments for measurements of magnetoresistance

Contact person: Ing. Pavla Roupcová, Ph.D.
80 – 900 K, 1 T


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