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Origin and mechanism of anomalous slip in non-magnetic bcc metals

Investigatordoc. Ing. Roman Gröger, Ph.D.
Number of Project16-13797S
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2015-12-31 - 2018-12-30

Plastic deformation of bcc metals is governed by processes that are very different from those in
close-packed crystals. The biggest mystery is the occurrence of the anomalous slip whereby screw
dislocations move preferentially on low-stressed planes, which violates the Schmid law and thus makes
the yield criteria such as that due to Tresca inapplicable to bcc metals. While it is frequently seen in
tension for the VB-group metals it only exists under compression for the VIB-group metals. The objective
of this project is unravel the origin and mechanisms that lead to the anomalous slip in all VB-group (V, Nb
, Ta) and VIB-group (Mo, W) non-magnetic refractory bcc metals using a combination of direct
experiments on millimeter-sized single crystals and molecular statics simulations using the
state-of-the-art description of bonding. The slip traces predicted by our yield criteria will be compared
with those observed using optical microscopy on deformed samples. TEM measurements on selected
samples will determine the character of the dislocation networks on the planes of anomalous slip.


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