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News / Events

Nanoparticles from IPM again on the front page

A study focused on the gradual oxidation of cubic nanoparticles of iron oxides caught the attention of the Royal Chemical Society (RSC) journal Nanoscale (IF=6.7), which promoted the article on the front page. These are nanoparticles shared by dr. Tereza Sojková from the Gröger’s group, who focused on the topic of magnetic nanoparticles for biological […]
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Aleš Kroupa was elected vice-chairman of the APDIC organization

Dr. Aleš Kroupa, head of the Structure of Phases and Thermodynamics Group at the IPM, has long been devoted to theoretical descriptions of phase diagrams of binary and ternary systems based on new experimental data. He is also the newly elected Vice Chairman of The Alloy Phase Diagram International Commission (APDIC). What organization is it? […]
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Visit of Dr. Kloenne and Dr. Egan

Last week, the Institute of Physics of Materials CAS had a pleasure to host two great materials scientists and electron microscopists, Dr. Zachary T. Kloenne (currently Imperial College London) and Dr. Ashton Egan (currently FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg).
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30th Colloquium on Fatigue Mechanism

On 23 and 24 April 2024, the Institute of Physics of Materials hosted the 30th Colloquium on Fatigue Mechanisms. Thanks to the organizational team led by prof. Ludvík Kunz and prof. Tomáš Kruml, and also thanks to many participating researchers from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the colloquium series was […]
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Professor Fekl lectured on quantum computers

On October 16 and 17, the Institute of Physics of Materials (IPM) hosted Professor Ulrich W. Fekl from the University of Toronto in Canada. Professor Fekl is an expert on the use of quantum computers in chemistry and material sciences. In addition to getting to know the research topics of the IPM and a number […]
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Our superparamagnetic nanoparticles on the cover

The cover page of the journal Chemistry of Materials (IF=10.5) published by the American Chemical Society (ACS) presents the result of the research of Dr. Tereza Sojková carried out in the group of Assoc. Prof. Roman Gröger in collaboration with IIT and University of Genova (Italy), Case Western Reserve University (USA), and CEITEC BUT.
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The Brno dragon is the symbol of the NTCC conference

We were honored to be the organizers of the International conference NTCC – Non-Traditional Cement and Concrete together with VŠB Ostrava and FCE BUT in Brno. The non-traditional use of cement and concrete is already demonstrated by the Brno Dragon, which is in the logo of the NTCC conference.
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Significant achievement of Milan Heczko – publication in NATURE

After successfully finishing doctoral program at the IPM, CAS (accredited together with FME BUT in Brno), Dr. Milan Heczko joined as a post-doctoral researcher well-known and very successful group of Prof. Michael J. Mills at The Ohio State University in USA. In collaboration with NASA Dr. Milan Heczko was part of a research team which […]
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