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Low Cycle Fatigue Group

Headprof. Mgr. Tomáš Kruml, CSc.
E-mail [javascript protected email address]
Phone number+420 532 290 379

Premature failure of components and structures designed on the basis of monotonic and traditional high cycle life curves has focused the attention of design engineers and scientists to the study of low cycle fatigue of materials. Low cycle fatigue fractures are connected with the infrequent working cycles of equipment or instruments which often result from start-up and shut down operations or interruptions of their function. Important subjects represent also high temperature low cycle fatigue, thermal and thermomechanical fatigue and multiaxial elastoplastic fatigue.

The research of low cycle fatigue started in IPM under the leadership of the deceased Prof. Mirko Klesnil in the sixties when two electrohydraulic testing machines were designed and assembled in the IPM using the components produced by INOVA company. Later two elecrohydraulic computer controlled machines were purchased (see experimental facilities).

The present activities of the group concentrate to the systematic study of the fatigue behaviour of the structural and advanced materials subjected to cyclic elastoplastic loading, mostly under push-pull conditions.

The main subjects pursued:

  • cyclic plastic straining the mechanisms, sources of the cyclic stress and relation to the internal structure. Analysis of the hysteresis loop using statistical theory in terms of the internal and effective stress, the relation of the macroscopic response to the internal dislocation structure.
  • fatigue damage mechanisms - the mechanisms of cyclic slip localisation, fatigue crack nucleation
  • interaction of low cycle fatigue with creep at elevated temperatures, structural changes and damage evolution in high temperature symmetric and asymmetric loading; nickel based superalloys
  • fatigue of composite materials - damage evolution, cracking and fatigue fracture of laminate composites (GLARE, ARALL)
  • effect of the coatings on the cyclic plasticity and fatigue life of advanced materials - effect of nitride and carbon layers and of the other coating procedures on the individual stages of fatigue process and on the fatigue life.
  • effect of depressed and elevated temperatures on the early fatigue damage - study of the surface relief evolution using high resolution techniques (AFM, FESEM, EBSD, FIB) in austenitic, ferritic and austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless steels
  • short crack growth kinetics in advanced steels - duplex, Eurofer, effect of mean stress
  • study of fatigue damage in TiAl intermetallics

The most important results in the last five years:

  • quantitative description of short crack growth regime and its use for the fatigue life prediction
  • experimental documentation of fatigue damage evolution in plastic strain amplitude controlled one-step and two-step loading
  • separation of the cyclic stress into internal and effective component using loop shape analysis
  • measurement of the effective stress and the distribution of the internal critical stresses in stainless austenitic, ferritic and duplex steels
  • application of the atomic force microscopy (AFM), high resolution scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) and focused ion beam (FIB) to the study of surface relief evolution and fatigue crack nucleation
  • quantitative data on the extrusion and intrusion formation in stainless steel at ambient, depressed and elevated temperatures
  • theoretical description of the temperature dependence of the extrusion growth in fatigued single and polycrystals


NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Mgr. Milan Heczko, Ph.D. +420 532 290 343 116a
Ing. Alice Chlupová, Ph.D. +420 532 290 344 116b
Ing. Ivo Kuběna, Ph.D. +420 532 290 343 116a
Ing. Jiří Man, Ph.D. +420 532 290 363 110
doc. RNDr. Karel Obrtlík, CSc. +420 532 290 415 208
prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Polák, DrSc., dr. h. c. +420 532 290 366 111
Ing. Ivo Šulák, Ph.D. +420 532 290 343 116a


NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Mgr. Roman Chrastil, DiS. +420 532 290 341 125
Robert Mádle +420 532 290 352 105
Ing. Jiří Tobiáš +420 532 290 352 105
Ing. Jan Vysloužil, CSc. +420 532 290 341 125

Phd students

NamePhone numbersRoomsE-mail
Ing. Tomáš Babinský +420 532 290 345 116
Ing. Ladislav Poczklán +420 532 290 345 116
Ing. Jakub Poloprudský +420 532 290 344 116b

Project numberNameInvestigator
19-00408S Material integrity and structure at the early stages during pulsating liquid jet interaction prof. Mgr. Tomáš Kruml, CSc.
18-03615S Description of short fatigue crack growth in large scale yielding conditions prof. Mgr. Tomáš Kruml, CSc.


Project numberNameInvestigator
TH02020482 Compressor wheel’s performance increase in auxiliary power units for aerospace application doc. RNDr. Karel Obrtlík, CSc.
15-08826S Damage mechanisms in multiaxial cyclic loading prof. Mgr. Tomáš Kruml, CSc.
15-20991S Plasma deposition, microstructural and thermo-mechanical stability of environmental barrier coatings doc. RNDr. Karel Obrtlík, CSc.
13-28685P Identification of fatigue damage mechanisms in modern steels under development for fusion and nuclear reactors Ing. Ivo Kuběna, Ph.D.
13-23652S Materials for high temperature applications – hardening and damaging mechanisms prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Polák, DrSc., dr. h. c.
13-32665S Fatigue damage mechanisms in ultrafine grained stainless steels Ing. Jiří Man, Ph.D.
P204/11/1453 Analysis of cyclic stress components in advanced high-temperature resistant structural materials prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Polák, DrSc., dr. h. c.
P107/11/2065 Protective diffusion coatings on cast nickel-based superalloys for high temperature application doc. RNDr. Karel Obrtlík, CSc.
P107/11/0704 Optimization of structure and properties of advanced high-temperature cast materials alloyed with carbon by complex heat treatment prof. Mgr. Tomáš Kruml, CSc.
P108/10/2371 Localization and irreversibility of cyclic slip in polycrystals Ing. Jiří Man, Ph.D.
106/09/1954 Role of oxide dispersion in fatigue behaviour of ODS type steels prof. Mgr. Tomáš Kruml, CSc.
106/08/1631 Mechanism of cyclic deformation and fatigue life of advanced multiphase materials for high-temperature applications Ing. Martin Petrenec, Ph.D.
106/07/1507 Low cycle fatigue-creep interaction in advanced high temperature structural materials doc. RNDr. Karel Obrtlík, CSc.
101/07/1500 Novel principles for life prediction in variable loading of components prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Polák, DrSc., dr. h. c.
106/06/1096 Role of lattice defects in early stadia of fatigue damage of structural materials Ing. Jiří Man, Ph.D.
106/05/P521 Dislocation structure in cast superalloys INCONEL cyclicaly loaded at high temperatures Ing. Martin Petrenec, Ph.D.
AVOZ 2041904-I038 Fatigue behaviour of nanostructural quasicrystalline materials based on Al Ing. Alice Chlupová, Ph.D.
106/03/1265 Influence of selected factors on fatigue properties of ADI doc. RNDr. Karel Obrtlík, CSc.
106/02/D147 Effect of cyclic loading with variable stress amplitude on fatigue behaviour of fibre-metal laminates Ing. Alice Chlupová, Ph.D.
106/02/0584 Fatigue life and residual fatigue life assessment based on the kinetics of short crack growth prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Polák, DrSc., dr. h. c.
IAA2041201 Mechanisms of fatigue damage in natural composites prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Polák, DrSc., dr. h. c.
C2041104 Properties and behaviour of hybrid laminates dural-C/epoxy under cyclic loading Ing. Alice Chlupová, Ph.D.
106/01/0376 Effect of cycle asymmetry on short crack growth and fatigue life in advanced structural materials doc. RNDr. Karel Obrtlík, CSc.
106/00/D055 Effect of asymmetrical cyclic loading on early damage stadia of structural materials Ing. Jiří Man, Ph.D.


MTS 809 axial – torsional test system

Contact person: Ing. Ivo Šulák, Ph.D.
Servohydraulic MTS 809 axial – torsional test system allowing us to perform isothermal fatigue testing with independent bi-axial loading at temperatures from 24°C up to 1400°C.

MTS 810 servo-hydraulic testing machine for fatigue loading at temperature range from -196°C up to 350°C

Contact person: Ing. Ivo Šulák, Ph.D.
Testing system allowing us to perform isothermal fatigue loading at temperature 24°C or when equipped with cryostat at low temperature from -196°C or equipped with environmental chamber in temperature range from -70°C up to 350°C.

MTS 810 servo-hydraulic testing machine for fatigue loading at temperature from 24°C up to 1000°C

Contact person: Ing. Ivo Šulák, Ph.D.
Testing system allowing us to perform isothermal fatigue loading at temperatures from 24°C up to 1000°C.

MTS 880 servo-hydraulic testing machine for thermo-mechanical fatigue

Contact person: Ing. Ivo Šulák, Ph.D.
MTS 880 servo-hydraulic testing system allowing us to perform an independent mechanical and thermal cyclic loading in the temperature range from 24°C to 1200°C.

Feritscope Fischer FMP 30

Contact person: Ing. Jiří Man, Ph.D.
Feritscope Fischer FMP 30 is equipment for measurement of the ferrite Content in Steels.

Long focal microscopes

Contact person:
Questar and Navitar are long focal microscopes for in-situ observation of specimen surface during loading.


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