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Multimedia presentations

Speed, efficiency and reliability are the requirements for the transport, manufacturing, or other devices of present days. In order to meet these requirements must be parts of these devices made from high quality materials. Our research concentrates on new metallic and non-metallic materials that would handle this trend.

Significant international conference ICSMA 17 was organised by IPM

Prestigious international conference „ICSMA 17 – 17th International Conference on the Strength of Materials“ was organized by IPM. The conference was held in August 9th to 14th, 2015 at the Brno Convention and Enhibition Centre. Interesting moments from the conference are presented in the following spot.

The future of glass and ceramic materials

In the Brittle Fracture Group have explored the possibilities of preparing mechanically resistant materials which could serve as a replacement of hard tissues in the human body. The project GlaCERCo pay great attentionon to this subject and through the collaboration with partners the results have been observed. The video provides a comprehensive overview of this issue.

Krajní meze – Lovci záhad

IPM is co-producer of episode „Krajní meze“ of popular scientific show Lovci záhad (in Czech). Cracks and material failure are often the cause of major accidents. Our aim is research of materials and development of procedures that will help prevent such events.

FameLab – National finale

In the year 2012 Jan Klusák a member of the High-cycle Fatigue Group participated in the FameLab competition and became the national champion.

FameLab – International finale

With his performance participated in the international finale in Cheltenham.