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Special Issues of Fracture Mechanics and Materials‘ Fatigue (FRACTIGUE)

Headdoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
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Phone number+420 532 290 417

The research group focuses on determining the fracture mechanical and fatigue properties of materials beyond normal testing. In the case of fatigue loading of metals, it is beyond 107 cycles, in the case of concrete, for which fatigue tests are not normally performed, it is actually more than 1 cycle. Under these conditions, research into the relationship between the structure and properties of materials and failure mechanisms is very topical, especially for cases of new materials produced by additive technologies and for concrete building materials. Gigacycle fatigue materials research can serve as a source of material data for applications where a high number of cycles is critical, as well as for applications where high load frequency plays an important role. Within the group, we also focus on the assessment of stress concentrators related to shape changes or material changes (inclusions, interfaces in composites, etc.) in cases that have not yet been studied. In particular, we use and develop methods of generalized linear elastic fracture mechanics and methods of finite fracture mechanics, which always apply methods of assessing the stability of general stress concentrators in / at finite distances from the point of highest stress.


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doc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D. +420 532 290 348118 [javascript protected email address]
Ing. Lucie Malíková, Ph.D. +420 532 290 367604 [javascript protected email address]
Ing. Jan Mašek, Ph.D. +420 532 290 430603 [javascript protected email address]
Ing. Petr Miarka, Ph.D. +420 532 290 430603 [javascript protected email address]


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Pavel Cejnek +420 532 290 361107 [javascript protected email address]

Phd students

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Ing. Pavel Doubek +420 532 290 417316
Ing. Kamila Kozáková +420 532 290 367604 [javascript protected email address]
Ing. David Markusík +420 532 290 430603 [javascript protected email address]
Ing. Mohammad Sami Al Khazali +420 532 290 336128b [javascript protected email address]

Project numberNameInvestigator
21-14886S Influence of material properties of high strength steels on durability of engineering structures and bridgesdoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.


Project numberNameInvestigator
4000138900/22/NL/GP/gg Characterisation of Thermal and Mechanical Performance of SIM Cryostat Strapsdoc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.
8J22AT008 Mechanical fracture quantification of role of hemp fibres on self-healing processes in selected composites (KvaRK)doc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/20_321/0024649 Ultrasonic devices for gigacycle fatigue testing of materialsdoc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.
21-08772S Influence of Self-Healing effects on structural fatigue life extension of structures made from high performance concrete (InShe)doc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
8J20AT013 Integrity and durability aspects of recycled aggregates composites (InDuRAC)doc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.
20-00761S Influence of material properties of stainless steels on reliability of bridge structuresdoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
8J18AT009 Failure initiation and fracture of quasi-brittle building materials (FInFraM)Ing. Lucie Malíková, Ph.D.
CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/15_019/0004505 Complex design of girders from advanced concretesdoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
17-01589S Advanced computational and probabilistic modelling of steel structures taking account fatigue damagedoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
16-18702S AMIRI − Aggregate-Matrix-Interface Related Issues in silicate-based compositesdoc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.
CZ.1.07/2.3.00/45.0040 Science Academy - critical thinking and practical application of scientific and technical knowledge in real lifedoc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.
7AMB1-4AT012 Development of new testing configurations for determination of relevant values of fracture characteristics of cementitious composites (DeTeCon)doc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
M100411204 Utilization of termographic techniques and advance probabilistic method for the efficient estimation of Wöhler curve parametersdoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
P105/11/0466 Energetic and stress state aspects of quasi-brittle fracture – consequences for determination of fracture-mechanical parameters of silicate compositesdoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
P104/11/0833 Response of cement based composites to fatigue loading: advanced numerical modeling and testingdoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
P108/10/2049 Crack initiation and propagation from interface-related singular stress concentratorsdoc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.
M100410901 Fracture mechanics description of three dimensional structures: numerical analysis and physical consequences of constraintdoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
KJB200410901 Fracture of silicate based composites studied on core drilled specimens – numerical-modeling background for advanced fracture parameters determinationdoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
101/08/1623 Innovative techniques for assessment of residual life of bodies with fatiguedoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
101/08/0994 Determination of conditions of failure initiation in bi-material wedges composed of two orthotropic materialsdoc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.
103/08/0963 Basic fatigue characteristic and fracture of advanced building materialsdoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
101/04/P001 The influence of constraint on threshold values of the stress intensity factordoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
106/03/P054 Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics of Bi-material notchesdoc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.


Servohydraulic system Zwick/Roell Amsler HC25, push-pull

Contact person: prof. Ing. Pavel Hutař, Ph.D.
Compact table model of servo-hydraulic pulsator dedicated for static and dynamic material testing. Pulsator is capable to load the specimen by forces up to 25 kN. Maximum stroke of grips is 250 mm. Testing device is able to control mechanical tests in control regime of force or displacement. Electronic controlling system enables tailoring of a course of the mechanical test according to operator needs. Zwick/Roell Amsler HC25 is mainly determined for fatigue tests with low frequencies and with needs of fine level of control.

Ultrasonic system for very high cycle fatigue measurements

Contact person: doc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.
Ultrasonic fatigue system pulsating at frequency of 20 kHz. This allows real-time measurement of very high cycle fatigue properties of materials at the number of cycles between 10 million to 10 billion. Measurement is possible under tension/compression and tension/tension conditions. It enables the measurement of SN (Wöhler) curves and fatigue crack propagation rates.

Resonant system Fractronic 7801, 100 kN, push-pull, temperature up to 800°C

Contact person: prof. Ing. Pavel Hutař, Ph.D.
Electromagnetic resonant pulsator mainly for fatigue tests at high temperatures. Movable crosshead with possible recording of its position enables to measure cyclic creep curves and also conducting tests with periodical changes of mean load (i.e. suitable for combined cyclic tests). Test frequency ranges from 100 to 130 Hz.


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