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Influence of material properties of high strength steels on durability of engineering structures and bridges

Investigatordoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
Number of Project21-14886S
Internal Project Number321050
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2021-07-01 - 2024-06-30

The aim of the project is to provide new findings on the material properties, durability and reliability of selected types of load bearing structural members made of HSS and develop reliable, theoretically based simulation tools for time-dependent analysis of the durability and reliability of members of load bearing engineering structures and bridges exposed to repeated loading. The phenomena of fatigue damage having regard to corrosion will be examined using experiments and stochastic and numerical simulations. New alternative approaches based on the Scalable Probabilistic Approximation method will be developed, which will make it possible to evaluate the fatigue resistance of corrosion-damaged details without the need for destructive sampling. New computer models and numerical methods for time dependent durability and reliability analysis will be developed. In contrast to commonly used ad-hoc approaches to solving problems of the service life of new and existing structures, the uniqueness of the proposed project lies in the merging of all named aspects into an integrated framework.


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