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Ing. Kamila Kozáková

Phone number+420 532 290 367
E-mail[javascript protected email address]
Researcher IDGVT-9645-2022
Positionphd student - Special Issues of Fracture Mechanics and Materials‘ Fatigue (FRACTIGUE)
Supervisordoc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.


Klusák J., Kozáková K., Jambor M., Seitl S.: Fatigue behavior of DIN 1.4307 and DIN 1.4306 stainless steels under high frequency loading. Procedia Struct. Integr. 43 (2023) 142-147

Sarkar A., Klusák J., Kozáková K., Christ H.: Very high cycle fatigue behavior of austenitic stainless steel in annealed and predeformed condition. Materials Performance and Characterization 12 (2023) MPC20220


Klusák J., Kozáková K., Fintová S., Seitl S.: Fatigue lifetimes of 1.4306 and 1.4307 stainless steels subjected to ultrasonic loading. Procedia Struct. Integr. 42 (2022) 1369-1375

Kozáková K., Klusák J.: Fracture mechanics assessment of notches subjected to very high-cycle fatigue loading. Structural. Integr. 24 (2022) 299-305

Kozáková K., Fintová S., Klusák J.: Fatigue life of notches: an effect of manufacturing. Procedia Struct. Integr. 42 (2022) 270-275


Kozáková K., Klusák J.: The Prediction of Fatigue Life of Notched Specimens. Trans. VSB TU Ostrava Ser. 21 (2021) 29-35