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AMIRI − Aggregate-Matrix-Interface Related Issues in silicate-based composites

Co-investigatordoc. Ing. Jan Klusák, Ph.D.
Number of Project16-18702S
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2015-12-31 - 2018-12-30

The main aims of the project:
1) To assess the influence of the interfacial transition zone (ITZ) between matrix and aggregate to
toughening mechanisms of silicate-based composites. Fracture processes connected with crack
deflection, trapping, pinning and aggregates rupture will be studied. Properties of ITZ in concrete will be
measured and used as input data for following numerical simulations.
2) To investigate the influence of geometry and aggregate-matrix materials’ mismatch on damage
initiation and propagation in the silicate-based composites. The approaches of generalized fracture
mechanics will be modified and improved to assess the crack initiation conditions near sharp
polygon-like inclusion. Approaches of multi-parameter fracture mechanics will be derived and employed.
3) An analytical approach will be developed simultaneously to the numerical modelling. The foundation
of the applied methods consists in the description of the interaction of the dislocation with the
bi-material interface and crack modelling via the complex potentials and dislocation density function.

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