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Basic fatigue characteristic and fracture of advanced building materials

Co-investigatordoc. Ing. Stanislav Seitl, Ph.D.
Number of Project103/08/0963
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2007-12-31 - 2010-12-30

The subject-matter of the project is the effort to gain new pieces of knowledge about behaviour of advanced building materials through the effective application of till this time not used methods of complex determining of physicalmechanical and performance qualities. These are predetermined to describe fatigue, fracture and microstructural characteristics. Mentioned qualities will be modelled on the level of continuum/multiphase composite. There is presumption that will be gained results describing fatigue behaviour of studied materials, especially for application in construction with demands for high durability, it is necessary to follow initiation and propagation of microcracks complexly. Following results are presumed: determining fatigue characteristics of different advanced building materials and a proposal of corresponding standards for their measurement; description of behaviour of materials during fatigue/fracture tests (initiation and propagation of cracks); determining relationship among fatigue, fracture and microstructure characteristics of given specimen`s materials.


Seitl S., Klusák J., Veselý V., Řoutil L.: Wedge-Splitting Test - Determination of Minimal Starting Notch Length for Various Cement Based Composites Part II: Crack and Notch Fracture Mechanics Approaches. Key Eng. Mater. 452-453 (2011) 81-84

Pryl D., Pukl R., Seitl S., Keršner Z.: Poškozování betonu cyklickým tahovým zatížením - experiment a model/ Damage of concrete under cyclic tensile load - experiment and model. Beton 2 (2011) 48-51