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Mechanisms of plastic deformation and twinning interfaces in hexagonal metals

InvestigatorMgr. Andrej Ostapovec, Ph.D.
Number of Project16-14599S
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2015-12-31 - 2018-12-30

anglicky Twinning is an important mode of plastic deformation in materials with hexagonal crystal structure. Mechanisms of the twinning in hcp materials are far from being understood. Non-Schmid behaviors of twinning and non-invariant twin interfaces were observed recently in magnesium, cobalt and titanium. The twin interfaces and mechanisms of their formation and mobility will be investigated in this project. Structure of non-classical twin interfaces will be studied as well as the structure of linear defects (e.g. dislocations and disconnections) responsible for migration of such interfaces. Influence of twin boundary faceting on twinning kinetics will be also investigated and described.

Cíle projektu anglicky:
Analysis of some aspects of twinning in hexagonal close packed materials (magnesium, cobalt,titanium, zirconium): formation mechanisms of non-classical twin interfaces and twin boundary faceting, mechanisms of their migration and influence on twinning kinetics.


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