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Theory of magnetic systems in electric and electromagnetic fields

Investigatordoc. RNDr. Ilja Turek, DrSc.
Number of Project23-04746S
Internal Project Number323040
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2023-01-01 - 2025-12-31

Progress in information and imaging technologies requires understanding microscopic processes which control reaction of magnetic materials to external fields. We will develop a formalism for describing magnetic materials in electric and electromagnetic fields and apply it to technologically promising phenomena and systems. Our approach is based on quantum mechanical calculations of electronic states; it utilizes the linear response theory for weak fields and nonequilibrium Green's functions for strong and time-dependent fields. A multi-perspective view is promoted by tackling more problems via different methods. The emphasis is on a unified relativistic description of transport properties and exchange interactions, on manipulation of the magnetic properties of thin films by an applied voltage, and on ultrafast magnetization dynamics induced by time-dependent laser pulses. Concerning the materials, we will focus on layered systems, on substitutionally disordered alloys and on noncentrosymmetric systems supporting the emergence of complex magnetic structures such as skyrmions.

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