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Bainitic cast steel for dynamically loaded components

InvestigatorIng. Vladislav Kozák, CSc.
Number of ProjectGA106/02/0745
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2001-12-31 - 2004-12-30

The purpose of this project is to propose the constitution of bainitic cast steel subjected to dynamic loading (especially the frog of the switch) with respect to resistivity of dynamic contact loading, restistivity of wear and brittle fracture. The proper proposition and optimalization of this steel is hereat qualified in terms of the specification of critical stages of component damage and accordant with the characteristics of fatigue and brittle fracture, which are the subject of the project too. During the solving it is first suggested the design of constitution of low alloyed cast steel and quality verification from point a viev of severe and combine dynamic loading. In the next part of the project is crucial the selection and parameter specification for making a survey of integrity and frog service life on the base of defects detection in the component. The substance of this project is to qualify the influence of metallurgical quality and respectivelly the welding from point a view of fracture properties and integrity on the base data received in the first steps of project solution.

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