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Ing. Vladislav Kozák, CSc.

Phone number+420 532 290 364
E-mail[javascript protected email address]
Researcher IDG-9754-2014
Positiontechnician - Former employee


Kotrechko S., Kozák V., Zatsarna O., Zimina G., Stetsenko N., Dlouhý I.: Incorporation of Temperature and Plastic Strain Effects into Local Approach to Fracture. Materials 14 (2021) 6224


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Number of ProjectName
GA101/08/1304 Simulation of the brittle damage and fracture of heteroneneous materials
GA101/05/0493 Damage prediction of structural materials using cohesive models
GA106/02/0745 Bainitic cast steel for dynamically loaded components
GA101/00/0170 The transferability of fracture toughness characteristics from point a view of integrity of components with defects
GA106/98/0079 Physical metallurgy aspects of the intergranular fracture damage of the structural steels