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Statistical aspects of constraint at brittle fracture initiation

Investigatorprof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
Number of ProjectIAC2041011
AgencyGrantová agentura Akademie věd České republiky
Duration1999-12-31 - 2000-12-30

Arising from the results of PhD work (paid to the effect of crack tip constraint on transition and brittle fracture behaviour) the causes of inherent scatter of steel fracture toughness will be analysed by statistical methods. The local fracture reatures and parameters characterising the steel resistance against brittle fracture initiation will be quantified. Using these parameters and/or using the statistical models, that are subject of the project solution, damage sites distribution will be quantified and linked up to fracture toughness scatter measured width specimens having various crack lenghts. The works are supposed to will be carried out on three levels: Experimental (extension of fracture toughness tests and quantitative fractographic observatins), computational (evaluation of data from statistical point view) and theoretical (analyses, toughness scaling model development and publications).

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