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Screw driven testing machine ZWICK Z50

A universal testing system predominately used for quasi-static tensile, compressive, bending experiments of polymers, metals, ceramic and their composites at wide range of temperatures.

Load cell capacity up to ± 50 kN with optional load cells with smaller capacity down to 200N.
Mechanical grips for round, flat tensile bars, 3 and 4 – point bending with spans from 10 to 40 mm, compressive platens. Test temperatures from -196 to +1200 °C is reached in variety of cryostats and furnace with air environment. System is fully controlled via TestXpert software with high level of variability and adjustment to conduct sophisticated experiments. Deformation of specimens can be measured using contact or noncontact systems. The Multisens contact extensometer is used at room temperature and Mytec contact extensometer at high temperatures. The non-contact 2D deformation measurement using DIC of 3D using ESPI DantecDynamic Q300 system is available. A set supplementary methods is available to support experiment, for example crack propagation and crack length monitoring via acoustic emission Dakel IPL and potential drop technique Techlab, respectively.