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Development of High Temperature Liquid Metal Resistant ODS Steels for Fission/Fusion Application

InvestigatorIng. Hynek Hadraba, Ph.D.
Number of Project20-20873S
Internal Project Number320210
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2020-01-01 - 2022-12-31

Ferritic 9-16%Cr ODS steels are promising structural candidate material for future fusion/fission reactors. However, the planned usage of heavy liquid metals (Pb, PbLi) as cooling media triggers aggressive conditions for these steels. The former self-passivation strategy based on Cr oxide scale formation in the liquid metals enriched by oxygen fails for PbLi coolants as Li exhibits affinity to oxygen higher than Cr. A new generation of ODS steels prepared by complex oxide strengthening strategy (allowing e.g. control of the inherent grain size or the dispersion strengthening contribution to the yield strength) will be developed in the project. Further, protective coatings based on low-solubility hard pure metals will be developed. The exposure in liquid Pb/PbLi at high temperatures simulating the long-term effect of the working environment will be investigated. The aim is to understand the process of aging and degradation of the new ODS steels and their protective coating in the Pb/PbLi liquid media and to design a route for the further development of high-resistance ODS steels.


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