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Multiscale Design of Advanced Materials

Investigatorprof. Ing. Ivo Dlouhý, CSc.
Number of ProjectGD106/09/H035
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2008-12-31 - 2012-12-30

Relationships between macroscopic technically important material parameters and their microscopic to atomic structure will be classified. Studying limit states of failures of selected inhomogeneous materials new theoretical and experimental knowledge should be obtained to enable explanation of their behaviour at different loading regimes. The role of zones of different dimensions, scaling from atomistic to meso level, and damage distribution at stress singularities at failures will be in focus of interests. Studies will be focused on parameters transferability between different levels from atomistic simulations to continuum mechanics.The project will contribute to strong partnership between PhD students in the program of Physical and Material Engineering and will establish a basis for an efficient educational effort of material scientists. Inclusion of PhD students from programs of Engineering Mechanics, and Materials Chemistry, whose topics are closely connected with Material Sciences


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