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Universal test system INSTRON 8862 with electromechanical actuator

A universal testing system predominately used for bending and compressive experiments of ceramic and ceramic composites at room temperatures.

Load cell capacity up to ± 100 kN with optional load cells with smaller capacity down to 200N.
The system is used mainly for brittle materials due to its stiffens, possibility to adjust loading axes via alignment fixture and ability to preciously control actuator with minimal cross head speed of 2micrometers per hour. Fixtures for 3 and 4 – point bending with spans from 10 to 40 mm and compressive platens are available as well as other specialised grips and fixtures. Test temperatures from -70 to +250°C is reached using temperature chamber. System is fully controlled via BlueHill software or LabView modules for specific experiments (J-da curve determination using unloading one specimen method). Deformation of specimens can be measured using contact or noncontact systems. The various clip on gauges are available connected directly of trough the Hottinger amplifier. The non-contact 2D deformation measurement using DIC of 3D using ESPI DantecDynamic Q300 system is available. The long distance microscope Navitar is frequently used for real time crack propagation monitoring. A set supplementary methods is available to support experiment, for example crack propagation and crack length monitoring via acoustic emission Dakel IPL and potential drop technique Techlab, respectively.