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Predictive Methods for Combined Cycle Fatigue in Gas Turbine Blades (PREMECCY)

Spoluřešiteldoc. RNDr. Petr Lukáš, CSc., dr. h. c.
Číslo projektuAST5-CT-2006-030889
AgenturaCommision of the European Communities
Doba řešení2006-05-31 - 2011-12-30

The project PREMECCY is a part of the Sixth Framework Programme of EU. The consortium of the project consists of 15 partners from 7 EU countries. The coordinator of the project is Rolls-Royce UK.
The modern gas turbine is a complex machine, the design and development of which takes many months and costs millions. The European gas turbine industry is under pressure to minimise the resources required to bring a new design to market, due to global competitive pressure and increasing customer expectations. Accurate design and prediction tools are key to succes in this process. The PREMECCY project identifies the field of rotor blade Combined Cycle Fatigue as an area where there are shortcomings in the existing industry standard design and prediction tools and thus where significant benefits can be achieved.

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