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Ing. Ferdinand Dobeš, DrSc.

Room202, Creep sut. I, Creep 1.p
Phone number+420 532 290 408, +420 532 290 323, +420 532 290 403
E-mail[javascript protected email address]
Researcher IDG-3907-2014
Positionresearcher - Advanced High-temperature Materials Group


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Number of ProjectName
P108/12/1452 Optimizing the high temperature mechanical properties of iron aluminides of Fe3Al type with carbide forming elements
106/08/1238 Investigation of possibilities of strengthening of iron-aluminides-based alloys by second-phase particles
GA106/05/0409 The analysis of mechanisms and factors influencing the creep resistance of perspective iron aluminides on the basis of Fe3Al and FeAl
IAA2041202 Alternative methods of the activation analysis in creep
GA106/02/0274 Small punch creep tests of mechanically alloyed aluminium alloys