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Skupina creepu kovových materiálů

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The work of the group is directed to an explanation of basic mechanisms of high temperature creep in metallic materials, relations between creep behaviour and microstructure and to a transfer of obtained results to technical applications. Theoretical investigations consist in modelling of the microstructure processes. Experiments include conventional and non-conventional creep tests and structure investigations. The development of new testing facilities and procedures has resulted in a unique equipment of creep laboratories of the Institute.

Following topics are investigated:

  • constitutive description of creep behaviour
  • constant structure creep
  • creep in modern magnesium alloys and their fibre strengthened composites
  • creep in modern dispersion strengthened aluminium alloys and discontinuous metal matrix composites
  • creep in magnesium alloys and composites
  • application of two phase model of the structure in creep
  • mechanisms of creep in metallic materials at very low creep rates
  • small punch test method assessment for the determination of the residual creep life of service exposed components (including welds)
  • possibilities of small punch testing in investigations of mechanical behaviour of metallic materials