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RNDr. Aleš Kroupa, CSc.

Room415, 409, 408
Phone number+420 532 290 467, +420 532 290 474, +420 532 290 482
E-mail[javascript protected email address]
Researcher IDA-1162-2014
Positionhead - Structure of Phases and Thermodynamics Group


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Number of ProjectName
18-25660J Complex theoretical and experimental phase diagram determinations of the advanced thermoelectric Ag-Pb-Sn-Te and Pb-Se-Sn-Te systems
17-15405S Advanced experimental and theoretical approaches to size-dependent phase diagrams of nanoalloys
GA14-15576S Complex study of phase diagrams of advanced metallic materials, combining ab initio and semiempirical modelling with experimental methods
LD11024 Theoretical and experimental study of phase diagrams of nanoalloys
P108/10/1908 Thermodynamics of intermetallic phases using combined theoretical and experimental approach
OC08053 Phase equilibria in Zn-Sn-X metallic systems for high-temperature lead-free solders
COST MP0602 HISOLD - Advanced Solder Materials for High Temperature Application
106/07/1078 Theoretical and experimental investigations of thermodynamic properties in transition metal based intermetallic phases
NMP2-CT-2003- 505504 European Lead - Free Soldering Network
COST OC 531.02 Lead Free Solder Materials