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Thermodynamics and microstructure of environmentally friendly nanoparticle solders

Co-investigatorRNDr. Jiří Buršík, CSc., DSc.
Number of Project106/09/0700
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2008-12-31 - 2011-12-30

The project arises from the actual need to replace the Pb-based solders by environmentally friendly materials
using a technology of pastes containing powders of low-melting Pb-free alloys. The materials studied shall be
the nanopowders of pure metals and alloys that are nature friendly and non-toxic (Cu, Ag, Sn, Sn-Zn, Sn-Ni).
We shall study the following structures: substrate/nanopowder/substrate. Interactions of nanoparticles with each other, interactions of nanoparticles with the surrounding atmosphere (gaseous oxygen) and with the
substrate (Cu, Ag, Ni, Sn-Zn, Sn-Ni) shall be studied. An important outcome of the use of metal nanoparticles
is to decrease their melting point in comparison with the corresponding bulk material. We shall investigate this
behaviour by the thermal analysis (DTA and DSC). The oxidation of nanoparticles shall be investigated using
the termogravimetry (DSC/TG). The interactions of nanoparticles with the substrate and the formation of
intermetallic phases shall be analyzed using the analytical electron microscopy. In parallel, we shall use the theoretical methods to predict the equilibrium states (CALPHAD) and diffusion simulation.


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