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National Centre of Competence ENGINEERING

Co-investigatordoc. Ing. Luboš Náhlík, Ph.D.
Number of ProjectTN01000015
AgencyTechnologická agentura České republiky
Duration2019-01-01 - 2022-04-30

The NCCE is focused on R&D&I activities necessary for enhancing the competitiveness of the CR engineering industry in the medium and light industry segments. Its aim is, through the joint implementation of applied R&D, to boost and further develop the cooperation of businesses and the research organisations. The NCCE will address issues and topics important for future machinery innovations. Its focus will be on increasing the performance and precision of machinery, reducing energy intensity, production process automation, cost optimisation and reflecting the trends of Industry 4.0.


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Dvořák J., Sklenička V., Král P., Kvapilová M., Svobodová M., Šifner J., Koula V.: STUDIE ODHADU CREEPOVÉHO POŠKOZENÍ OCELI PRO ENERGETICKÁ ZAŘÍZENÍ. Životnost komponent energetických zařízení 16 (2021) 93-99

Sklenička V., Kuchařová K., Kvapilová M., Král P., Dvořák J.: The transition from the power-law to the power-law breakdown regimes in thermal creep of Zr1%Nb cladding alloys. Kovové materiály 59 (2021) 279-289