Visit of Dr. Kloenne and Dr. Egan

Last week, the Institute of Physics of Materials CAS had a pleasure to host two great materials scientists and electron microscopists, Dr. Zachary T. Kloenne (currently Imperial College London) and Dr. Ashton Egan (currently FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg).

As The Ohio State University and CEMAS Alumni, they have presented two great talks showing some of the state-of-the-art electron microscopy in the field of refractory high entropy alloys and nickel and cobalt based superalloys design. This was followed by great discussion session.

Dr. Kloenne and Dr. Egan also visited various laboratories at the IPM CAS including almost finished new dedicated building for electron microscopy. As specialists in the field of SEM, FIB, STEM they also visited CEITEC Nano research infrastructure at CEITEC. Additionally, thanks to the great relationships between IPM CAS and the Thermo Fisher Scientific in Brno, both Dr. Kloenne and Dr. Egan had the opportunity to take the factory tour at the Thermo Fisher Scientific in Brno. The visit of both scientists builds up and further extends ongoing long-term relationships in the field of materials science and multi-scale characterization based on the electron microscopy methods.

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