Creep machines of Kappa series at IPM are presented as a success story of Zwick/Roell company

Zwick/Roell company presents on its website research of material in IPM using creep machines and machines for quasi-static tests at very high temperatures (up to 1600 °C).

These machines have been successfully operated in the laboratories of IPM since 2013. The devices represent the first applications of Kappa machines in combination with furnaces in the Maytec vacuum chamber. The machines allow testing of extremely temperature resistant materials both for basic and applied research. The presentation of our experience with the use of the delivered machines took place at the Zwick Roell Forum for High-Temperature Testing in Fürstenfeld in 2016. Successful cooperation between IPM and Zwick/Roell, benefiting both partners, dates back to the 1970s.

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