Our superparamagnetic nanoparticles on the cover

The cover page of the journal Chemistry of Materials (IF=10.5) published by the American Chemical Society (ACS) presents the result of the research of Dr. Tereza Sojková carried out in the group of Assoc. Prof. Roman Gröger in collaboration with IIT and University of Genova (Italy), Case Western Reserve University (USA), and CEITEC BUT.

The article deals with the synthesis of FeO/Fe3O4 nanocubes of 16-23 nm for their use in the treatment of cancer tumors using the method of magnetic hyperthermia. The influence of the size of nanocubes and the type of post-synthetic annealing on the improvement of their magnetic properties was investigated. It was shown that all samples subjected to annealing exhibit specific absorption rates (SAR) that are negligibly affected by the viscous environment, demonstrating their unique SAR properties independent of the viscous environment. Three times higher signal was measured for 20 nm NCs in magnetic particle imaging compared to the commercial VivoTrax tracer, as well as good contrast in magnetic resonance imaging.

Download the paper (open access)

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