Our cooperation with MIT focused on quantum computers

The cooperation of PhD student MSc. Ivana Miháliková with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the field of quantum computers was awarded by a travel fellowship.

The ongoing cooperation of MSc. Ivana Miháliková with MIT focused on the development of new software tools intended for the emerging generation of so-called quantum computers will be supported my MIT with a travel fellowship within the MIT-Czech Republic Seed Fund program. MSc. Ivana Miháliková has been studying quantum computers in cooperation with scientists from Masaryk University (MU) for a few years during her previous master studies at MU as well as now during her PhD studies at MU. Her research is aimed at using quantum computers, that are anticipated to provide much greater computational power than the current supercomputers, in future design of new materials. The travel fellowship will cover two stays of MSc. Miháliková at MIT in the group of Prof. Aram Harrow. His student will reciprocally visit our institute in Brno, where he will gain experience in the group of Electric and magnetic properties led by MSc. Martin Friák, Ph.D. The funding will be also used to organize an international workshop focused on quantum computers with the working title „MIT-IPM Quanta Brunensis“ in Brno during the autumn 2022.

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