New Project AddMorePower

The Institute of Physics of Materials was successful together with its partners in the HORIZON call and will implement the project Advanced modelling and characterization for power semiconductor materials and technologies (AddMorePower).

The project focuses on the development and integration of new materials for microelectronic semiconductor technologies. With the rapid and massive spread of power electronics, which enables both the digitalization and the electrification of our society on the one hand, and the production and conversion of electrical energy needed for this transition on the other hand, completely new requirements arise for the conception and integration of semiconductor and interconnect materials. AddMorePower will provide the necessary characterization and modelling techniques that meet the particular needs of upcoming power semiconductor technology generations, which shall integrate and develop mono- and polycrystalline materials to an unprecedented extent. IPM activities will be devoted to the development of a physics-based modelling approach including anisotropic elasticity, plasticity, void formation and coalescence, and impurity and vacancy formation. The ambitious aim is to couple all effects and their interactions and implement them in a ready-to use simulation tool and provide the required material parameters to simulate the behaviour of the copper layer during thermal loading.

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