Nanoparticles from IPM again on the front page

A study focused on the gradual oxidation of cubic nanoparticles of iron oxides caught the attention of the Royal Chemical Society (RSC) journal Nanoscale (IF=6.7), which promoted the article on the front page. These are nanoparticles shared by dr. Tereza Sojková from the Gröger’s group, who focused on the topic of magnetic nanoparticles for biological applications such as magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic hyperthermia, during her Ph.D. studies.

The work, which was created within the IPM, is devoted to the kinetics of spontaneous phase transitions from wüstite to magnetite in laboratory-prepared superparamagnetic cubic nanoparticles with an average edge length of 23 nm. The experimental work here is also supported by theoretical models using three combined reaction-diffusion equations for the concentrations of oxygen, wüstite and magnetite. A closer look at oxidation processes thus expands previous work focused on optimizing the preparation of cubic iron oxide nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia.

The paper is available in the Nanoscale journal online.

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