Jaroslav Heyrovsky Medal awarded to Professor Alan T. Dinsdale

The Institute of Physics of Materials held a celebratory Symposium on the 12th and 13th of December 2019 on the occasion of presenting the Jaroslav Heyrovsky Medal of Merit in Chemical Sciences to Professor Alan T. Dinsdale, awarded to him by the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Dinsdale is a prominent scientist in the field of physical chemistry and the thermodynamics of alloys, and he has made key contributions to advances in the field of the modelling of phase diagrams, and the thermodynamic and thermophysical properties of complex multicomponent materials, such as advanced steels, superalloys and high entropy materials. Prof. Dinsdale has been working with our Institute for many years. The thermodynamic databases resulting from this cooperation are of great importance, not only for basic research but also in applied research for the development of new materials. The long-term cooperation also resulted in the publication of several monographs on materials modelling, a number of chapters in books and the publication of many articles in important scientific journals.
The symposium was held in Prague at the Czech Academy of Sciences, and involved the participation of around 30 scientists, including foreign participants from England, Germany, France and Austria.

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