Jakub Holzer receives prestigious Brno Ph.D. Talent award

Ing. Jakub Holzer, a CEITEC Ph.D. student in the program Advanced Materials and Nanosciences, receives the prestigious Brno Ph.D. Talent award. He is one of only 25 recipients of this award, which brings him 300,000 CZK for the next three years to support his research.

Jakub is a member of the CEITEC IPM group Multiscale Modelling and Measurements of Physical Properties, where he works under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Roman Gröger. His research focuses on exposing the interplay between plasticity and magnetism in magnetically ordered single crystals of alpha-Fe and Cr. The changes in magnetic ordering in these materials that are caused by plastic deformation will be unraveled for the first time. His experimental work will be combined with computational studies using both quantum-mechanical methods and the tight-binding-based Bond Order Potentials with magnetic degrees of freedom. Combining the experimental work with theory and computational modeling will quantitatively explain the changes in magnetic ordering for specific strain fields present around dislocations.

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