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Development of new design of railway axles with high operational reliability

Co-investigatorprof. Ing. Luboš Náhlík, Ph.D.
Number of ProjectFV40034
Internal Project Number492100
AgencyMinisterstvo průmyslu a obchodu
Duration2019-01-01 - 2021-12-31

The main objective of the project is a newly developed train axle with a guaranteed service interval of 1.2 million km. To achieve such high fatigue resistance, the effect of appropriately distributed residual stresses will be used. For this purpose, it is necessary to find suitable technology of production and chemical composition of used materials. Induction hardening or rolling will be used to achieve a suitable residual stress profile over the axle cross section. At the same time, the optimal composition of the materials used to achieve the intended effect will be sought. Within the project, a methodology will be developed to accurately determine axle residual fatigue lifetime based on fracture mechanics, taking into account the existence and very inhomogenous distribution of residual stresses across the axle cross section. Different experimental techniques, neutron diffraction, various methods of cutting the axle material, etc. will be used for their exact determination. The properties of newly designed axles will be experimentally verified in 1: 1 scale tests. Based on all obtained experimental results and numerical simulations, a prototype of a new axle with extended service interval will be created. This product is interesting for most of the major buyers of wheelsets (see attached letters of interest) to BONATRANS GROUP, a. s., e.g. GATX, Deutsche Bahn, SNCF or Tatravagónka.


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