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Utilization of theoretical and experimental approaches to sintering for tailoring the microstructure and properties of advanced ceramic materials

Co-investigatorRNDr. Jiří Svoboda, CSc., DSc.
Number of Project15-06390S
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2014-12-31 - 2017-12-30

Several theoretical concepts of sintering predict that grain size and density of the sintered ceramic materials do not depend on the choice of a heating regime. However, many recent reports demonstrated refined microstructures achieved by modifying the heating regime. Two
approaches are used for the desription of sintering and grain growth of advanced ceramic materials. The experimentally based approach compares various experimental conditions and obtained macroscopic characteristics with sintering models. Theoretically based approach
describes sintering and grain growth process by numerical solution of model equations. In this project we combine both experimental and theoretical approaches to develop a universal sintering model. This original model will also allow tailoring the polycrystalline ceramic
microstructure and functional properties by the proper choice of sintering heating regime. Generally, the project would bridge the gap between sintering theory and experiments with synergic benefits of both approaches.


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