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Thermodynamic modelling of microstructure evolution in nanocomposites

InvestigatorRNDr. Jiří Svoboda, CSc., DSc.
Number of ProjectOC10029
AgencyMinisterstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy
Duration2009-12-31 - 2012-05-30

In agreement with the aims of the project a number of models for solute segregation and solute drag at interface and grain boundary have been developed. The use of the thermodynamic extremal principle allowed description of solute segregation and solute drag by means of a small number of parameters, which opened the way for application of the models on the complex system of a polycrystal. The simplest model has been then applied to simulations of grain growth. Using different data experimentally observed effects have been obtained: a mild retardation of the grain growth by segregation, spontaneous occurrence of abnormal grain growth in the system and nearly total blocking of the grain growth.


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