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Service security of welded high-strength pressurized pipelines

Co-investigatorRNDr. Jiří Svoboda, CSc., DSc.
Number of ProjectA6.14
AgencyMaterials Center Leoben
Duration2009-12-31 - 2013-12-30

The project deals with the influence of the hydrogen on strength of new steels for production of pipelines. Our team deals with development of models for hydrogen diffusion. It was shown during the project solution that hydrogen diffusion cannot be described by a simple diffusion equation with a constant diffusion coefficient. The dislocation cores and/or foreign atoms represent traps for hydrogen atoms, causing immobilization of the hydrogen and drastically influencing its diffusion. The hydrogen concentration dependent chemical diffusion coefficient can be introduced for a proper description of diffusion of hydrogen. The developed model allows not only a better description of hydrogen diffusion in steels, it allows also a more correct evaluation of measurements of hydrogen diffusion coefficients by standard methods.


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