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Surface and subsurface erosion due to multiple droplet impingement

InvestigatorIng. Jiří Man, Ph.D.
Number of Project23-05372S
Internal Project Number323020
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2023-01-01 - 2025-12-31

So far, science has not approached the natural conditions of the erosive action of water droplets with regard to their temperature and volumetric mass density. Thus, the deformation dominance of hammer effect and lateral flow is not explained. The project therefore deals with the basic aspects of the resistance of various materials exposed to water drops. An ultrasonic pulsating water jet will be used as a drop generator, which is able to generate a measurable number of drops with a defined volume, speed, density and temperature. Attention will be focused on the evaluation of the predominant type of erosion damage - impact pressure followed by lateral flow. The initial stages of damage, including the mechanisms of surface and subsurface erosion, will be studied using modern microscopic techniques. Focusing on these issues will help to gain basic knowledge that would be profitable for potential applications to reduce effectively the problems associated with erosive damage to materials exposed to operating conditions.


Poloprudský J., Gamanov Š., Chlupová A., Klichová D., Nag A., Stolárik G., Hloch S.: Water droplet erosion assessment in the initial stages on AISI 316L using kernel average misorientation. Tribology International 191 (2024) 109165


Chlupová A., Hloch S., Nag A., Šulák I., Kruml T.: Effect of pulsating water jet processing on erosion grooves and microstructure in the subsurface layer of 25CrMo4 (EA4T) steel. Wear 524-525 (2023) 204774