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Creep data prediction for advanced engineering alloys

Investigatorprof. Ing. Václav Sklenička, DrSc.
Number of ProjectCOST 522
AgencyMinisterstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy, akce COST 522
Duration1997-12-31 - 2003-12-30

Creep and creep fracture are phenomena of major practical relevance, often limiting the lives of components designed to operate for long periods under stress at elevated temperatures. For components and structures subject to creep loading, it is therefore necessary to know the stresses which the relevant materials can sustain at the service temperatures without reaching some limiting creep strain or, more usually, without creep failure occurring within the planned design life. However, with modern power stations designed for lives of 250 000 hours, procedures are required to allow the results obtained in short-term tests to be extrapolated to provide accurate long-term design data. Such extrapolation methods can only be employed with real confidence if based on a sound fundamental understanding of the micromechanisms governing creep strain accumulation and eventual fracture of creep-resistant alloys. The main objective of the project is development of constitutive models for description of the high-temperature deformation and fracture behaviour of advanced creep resistant alloys (collection and analysis of creep data, long-term creep testing of advanced steels, developed in the frame of COST 501/III, extrapolation methods, lifetime predictions).

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