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Mechanisms of fatigue damage in natural composites

Investigatorprof. RNDr. Jaroslav Polák, DrSc., dr. h. c.
Number of ProjectIAA2041201
AgencyGrantová agentura Akademie věd České republiky
Duration2000-12-31 - 2005-12-30

The aim of the proposed project is, in link to previous project on cyclic plasticity, to find the mechanisms of the fatigue damage in advanced materials, preferably in the early stages, when its detection is difficult but when it is decisive for fatigue life. In austenitic, ferritic and austenitic-ferritic duplex steels we shall study the localisation of the cyclic plastic strain, the formation of surface relief, the initiation of natural cracks and the growth of short cracks. Experimental finding on the growth of extrusions and intrusions and on the short crack growth will be confronted with the proposed models in order to improve existing models and obtain information, which can serve in the modification of the structure that result in better fatigue resistance. Important stages of fatigue damage will be identified and parameters that determine the fatigue life will be evaluated. The project will deepen our knowledge on the mechanisms, which results in fatigue fracture.


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