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Quasicrystalline phases in the Al-Pd-TM system

InvestigatorRNDr. Milan Svoboda, CSc.
Number of Project106/07/1259
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2006-12-31 - 2009-12-30

The project is focused on the characterization of phases in Al-Pd-Fe, Al-Pd-Co, and Al-Pd-Rh systems. Attention will be also paid to the description of lamellar structures accompanying formation and/or transformations of quasicrystalline phases. The research will contribute to understanding the basic compositional design of alloys appropriate for the formation of stable quasicrystals and to the characterization of their structure. The stable quasicrystals, quasicrystalline approximants, and neighbouring crystalline phases will be characterized by transmission electron microscopy including electron diffraction, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, thermal analysis and depth-sensing indentation test. The results obtained will contribute to the prediction of compositional and structural conditions at which stable quasicrystals are formed and to the precise structural characterization of phases identified. Last but not least we would like to fill a gap in experimental study of quasicrystals in the Czech Republic.

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