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Creep deformation of new grade UNS S31035 austenitic steel including transient effects

InvestigatorRNDr. Luboš Kloc, CSc.
Number of Project15-21394S
AgencyGrantová agentura České republiky
Duration2014-12-31 - 2017-12-30

New austenitic steels have been developed for prospective A-USC thermal power plants with high efficiency. The most important degradation
process of the material is thermal fatigue. Small creep deformation play important role in the process, relaxing thermally generated stresses.
FEM modeling is convenient for evaluation of thermal fatigue in real parts of industrial equipment, but realistic constitutional equations
describing creep behavior including transient effects are missing, as well as experimental data. The project intends to collect small creep
strain data for the prospective UNS S31035 creep resistant steel and create constitutive equations including transient effects with more
general validity.


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