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prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Knésl, CSc.

Positionresearcher - Former employee

Personal information
Zdeněk Knésl, Prof. RNDr., CSc. (1940-2012)
He was born in 1940 in Olomouc. Zdeněk Knésl graduated with a degree in Solid State Physics at the Faculty of Science of the Masaryk University in Brno in 1962. Shortly afterwards he obtained a position at the Laboratory for the Study of Properties of Metals of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (now Institute of Physics of Materials). In 1972 he finished his doctoral thesis “Dislocations in nonlinear continuum” and received degree CSc. (PhD. equivalent). Since 1989 he had research leader position in the group of high cycle fatigue. At this time his scientific focus was concentrated mainly on calculations of fracture-mechanics parameters of cracked bodies (using finite element method), on formulations of stability criteria for notches and general singular stress concentrators and their application to service life estimations of engineering structures. He had close connection to the industrial partners due to frequent estimation of service life of cracked industrial structures (e.g. pressure vessels). In 1994 he finished his habilitation thesis “Linear elastic fracture mechanics of notches” at Brno University of Technology and received title Doc. (assoc. Prof.). Since that time he was very active as a lecturer and supervisor of post-graduate students. Few years after, in 1999, he was awarded title of Professor at Brno University of Technology on the basis of excellent pedagogical results and scientific work “Two-parameter fracture mechanics and its applications”. His research work in this period was focused mainly on physical aspects of the constraint and notch effect during combined creep and fatigue loading. Stability criteria for general stress concentrators and detailed study of physical aspects of the constraint are his memorable contribution to the fracture mechanics theory.
During his professional carrier at the Institute of Physics of Materials Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (1964-2012) he was author or co-author more than 80 papers in prestigious international journals, about 300 papers in proceedings of national and international conferences and many research reports for industry. He was member of editorial board of several national and international journals, member of ESIS and member of Czech Society for Mechanics. Zdeněk Knésl was an outstanding researcher and an excellent teacher. He inspired many of doctoral students, who finished successfully Ph.D. thesis under his supervision and who set out due to him on the scientific career.
Selected publications:
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