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Ing. Petr Dymáček, Ph.D.

Room204, 131
Phone number+420 532 290 411, +420 532 290 380
E-mail[javascript protected email address]
Researcher IDF-9757-2014
Positionresearcher - Advanced High-temperature Materials Group


Svoboda J., Kocich R., Gamanov Š., Kunčická L., Luptáková N., Dymáček P.: Processing window for hot consolidation by rolling and rotary swaging of Fe-10Al-4Cr-4Y2O3 ODS nanocomposite. Materials Today Communications 34 (2023) 105393


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Number of ProjectName
TITSSUJB938 Metoda hodnocení integrity tlakové nádoby reaktoru JE VVER-1000 při těžké havárii spojené s tavením jaderného paliva.
IAA 200410801 Numerical modeling of small punch tests on miniaturized specimens from advanced steels for reliable life-time estimation
AV0Z20410507-I052 Numerical simulations of small punch tests on miniature specimens for determination of residual and guaranteed life of heat resistant steels.