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RNDr. Jiří Čermák, CSc., DSc.

Room319, 121, 121
Phone number+420 532 290 422, +420 532 290 333, +420 532 290 334
E-mail[javascript protected email address]
Researcher IDG-1541-2014
Positionresearcher - Structure of Phases and Thermodynamics Group


Král L., Chesalkin A., Čermák J., Roupcová P., Prusov E.: Influence of Fe on the Hydrogen Storage Properties of LaCeNi Alloys. Langmuir 39 (2023) 6061-6068


Čermák J., Král L., Roupcová P.: Hydrogen storage in TiVCrMo and TiZrNbHf multiprinciple-element alloys and their catalytic effect upon hydrogen storage in Mg. Renewable Energy 188 (2022) 411-424

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Čermák J., Král L., Roupcová P.: Significantly decreased stability of MgH2 in the Mg-In-C alloy system: Long-period-stacking-ordering as a new way how to improve performance of hydrogen storage alloys?. Renewable Energy 150 (2020) 204-212

Čermák J., Král L., Roupcová P.: Significant decrease of hydride decomposition enthalpy in ordered Mg-In alloys induced by growing hydrogen concentration. Kovové materiály 58 (2020) 161-167


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Čermák J., David B.: Catalytic effect of Ni, Mg2Ni and Mg2NiH4 upon hydrogen desorption from MgH2. Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 36 (2011) 13614-13620

Number of ProjectName
17-21683S Kinetics of hydrogen storage in new complex hydrides of (Mg-Ni-M-S)-H type
P108/11/0148 Carbon diffusion in carbon-supersaturated ferrite and austenite steels
106/09/0814 Desorption kinetics of hydrogen in Mg2Ni-H intermetallic modified by chosen interstitials
106/07/0010 Diffusion of hydrogen in alloys Mg-Ni modified by chosen elements that suppress the stability of hydrides
2A-1TP1/067 Research into technologies for high potentional heat transfer from a nuclear source
106/04/0228 The role of Fe, Nb and Mo diffusivity in structure stability of FINEMET and NANOPERM – type alloys
106/03/1355 Transport processes during heat treatment in Mg – Al alloys
106/01/0384 Diffusion properties of intermetallics with L12 structure: Ni3Ga as a model system
106/00/0173 Mutual diffusion of substitutional elements in modified Ni3Al intermetallics
106/99/1179 Hydrogen permeation in Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloys
OC P3.110 Simulation of diffusion along grain boundaries
106/96/0261 Grain boundary diffusion in Ni3Al intermetallic modified by iron, chromium and zirconium
IAA2041501 Grain boundary diffusion of nickel in boron - doped Ni3Al, NiAl and in Ni-Al(-B) solid solutions
106/93/0095 Diffusion of Mo, V and W along high-diffusivity paths in BCC Fe-Cr and Fe-Cr-C alloys and in 9%Cr steel P91