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Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy Instrument

The instrument is consists of a horizontal furnace CLASSIC 4011T, a quadrupole mass spectrometer PFEIFFER PrismaPro QM 250 M1 and a vakuum station PFEIFFER EcoCube 80 for analyzing desorbed gases from solid samples at temperatures up to 1000°C and to estimate amount of these gases.

The sample is measured in a quartz retort. It limits the diameter of  the sample to Ø 40 mm. Quadrupole mass spectrometer PrismaPro is equipped with electron multiplier and open ion source with two tungsten cathodes.

  • Temperature Range RT to 1000°C
  • Mass Range 1 to 100 amu
  • operating pressure 5·10-2 Pa
  • Detection limit 3·10-13 Pa
  • Pressure at measurment (at RT) < 5·10-4 Pa
  • Residual atmosphere: < 7·10-7 Pa (28 amu, N2), < 5.6·10-7 Pa (18 amu, H2O)
  • Calibrated for hydrogenium semiquantitative measurment (accuracy better than 5%)
  • The furnace is equipped with an additional thermocouple for true sample temperature measurement