Award for lifelong merit for prof. Šob

On 19 January 2022, the Honorary Medal of Ernst Mach for his merits in the physical sciences, was handed over to Professor Mojmír Šob, the world’s leading expert in the field of theoretical physics and solid state chemistry, at the Institute of Physics of Materials.

The medal, named after Ernst Mach, the founder of modern physics in the Czech Republic, was presented to the laureate by Eva Zažímalová, President of the Czech Academy of Sciences. „Professor Šob, whose scientific career has been associated with the Academy of Sciences for decades, is one of the researchers who not only deepen their knowledge in their fields, but also come up with pioneering visions and can create well-functioning teams with their colleagues, which is very important or even key for our workplace,“ says Eva Zažímalová.
Prof. RNDr. Mojmír Šob, DrSc., is a pioneer in the application of quantum-mechanical computational methods to study the properties of new promising materials, such as their achievable strength, magnetic behaviour and phase diagrams.
His scientific activity was highlighted by a number of awards, including the Josef Hlávka Medal as an award for a lifelong work in favour of Czech science, art and education (2015). He is also a member of the American Materials Research Society and the American Physical Society, from which he was named an outstanding reviewer in 2018.

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