4th Summer School of Transmission Electron Microscopy in IPM

Within the Program New materials based on metals ceramics and composites, prof. Antonín Dlouhý organized the fourth year of the Summer School of Transmission Electron Microscopy in IPN on 9 – 12 July 2019. Two groups of participants attended the school, differing in their practical knowledge in the use of transmissions electron microscopy for material research.

A group of advanced participants focused on the analysis of the type of crystal lattice defects by diffraction contrast methods using nanometric electron beam in scanning mode. Emphasis was placed on mastering the technique of 3D imaging of microstructure by means of stereo images. Participants in the beginners group received practical training, which is necessary for independent operation of a modern transmission microscope. The summer school is traditionally led by an effort to pass on long-term experience to a new generation of material research fellows. Thus, in accordance with the motto of the Strategy AV21 “Top Research in the Public Interest”, the head of the school prof. Antonín Dlouhý shared his theoretical and practical knowledge with 10 participants studying at universities in Brno or work at institutes of the CAS.

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